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The LLSN has secured funding from the MLS Class Gift to cover the cost of childcare during take-home examinations. We strongly encourage all parents who are sitting a take home exam to apply.

The terms of the bursary are outlined below. If you have any question please contact us.

Follow the link at the bottom of the page to apply. 

Terms of Bursary

1. Applications for Semester two are now open. Applications close on 9 October 2017 at 5pm. 

2. Successful applicants will be notified not later than Monday 16 October 2017 via email.

3. The total funding received by the LLSN for the purpose of the bursary ($3,940) will

be distributed throughout the 2017 semester one and semester two exam periods

depending on the number of applications received. In the event that the total

amount of funding is not spent in 2017 the remainder will be carried over to 2018.

4. The LLSN reserves the right to award partial payments to cover the cost of childcare

depending on the amount of applications received.

5. The LLSN Executive Committee and Wellbeing Director will meet to review


i.  all documents received will be kept confidential and destroyed at the end

of the 2017 academic year.

6. The LLSN will allocate funding according to need, priority will be given to:

a. Single parents: who have registered this status with Casey Holloway prior to this application.
b. Parents with children under the age of 12: who have registered this with

Casey Holloway prior to this application or are willing to provide relevant

supporting documents. 
c. Parents under financial strain: who are willing to provide relevant supporting

documents. Documents may include but are not limited to: Government Health Care Card, receipt of MLS Book Fairy bursary, etc.


i. Applicants do not need to provide this information to be considered but priority will be given to applicants who do should we receive more applications than we can fulfil.

7. Funds will be distributed via reimbursement, using electronic transfer once a receipt is forwarded to the LLSN e-mail account: The deadline to do so will be communicated to successful applicants via email.
a. Alternatively, a child care provider may invoice the LLSN directly. Invoices must include the name of the student, the hours worked and the rate of pay.

8. Reimbursements will only be provided for childcare centres, nannies/babysitters with an ABN and legitimate invoice, or a nanny agency. Babysitters/nannies must be

paid a minimum of:

  • $32 per hour on the weekend and after 5pm on a weekday; and

  • $25 on a weekday (8am – 5pm).

a. The LLSN may provide funding to cover the cost of signing up to a nanny


9. All personal and financial information received by the LLSN will remain confidential

with the exception that:

a. Data relating to the number of applicants and the cost of childcare during

take home exams will be shared with faculty in a de-identified manner for the

purposes of advocating for the needs of parents at MLS.

​​b. The overall amount of money provided will be shared with the MLS

community for the purposes of advocating for the needs of parents at MLS.


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