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Orientation Welcome Lunch - Event Report

Goodness we meet some wonderful later law students at this event. There were stories about pirates (I am not even joking), the advertising industry and television presenters. We spoke about Russia, Trump, our fancy new banner and the best way to prepare for LMR. With some stellar single mothers , international students and plenty of life experience the 2017 JD cohort is pretty impressive.

It was great to see students in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year in attendance. As well as Henry Dow the President of the LSS who has always been a good friend to the LLSN.

There were plenty of questions about the first year rep positions. So for those who missed it there are three available. The position description can be found here, and you can apply here. A big thanks to Colleen Chen for her assistance in setting up at the last minute.

Our next event will be a welcome back lunch on March 14. We'll be at university square from 1-2pm with free food and great company.

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