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Special Consideration Information Session

The Well-being team at MLS had a information session about special consideration on Friday August 5th. The LLSN President went along to get the details for those of you would could not make it.

Please note this is a recap of information from my perspective of the session. It is not intended as official advice. You should read this along with official University guidelines.

The main points were as follows:

1. Changes to special consideration

There have been some noticeable changes to the special consideration process post BIP. This combined with the departure of Kate (wellbeing co-ordinator) led to some hiccups late last semester despite the enormous efforts of both Judith Mary-church and Dove Rengger-Thorpe.

The changes have been in regards to

  • Online forms

  • Feedback via automatic replies

  • Centralised handling of special consideration

Casey Holloway our new wellbeing Co-ordinator was introduced. Casey has already met many students. She has a history in student support, social work and enjoys working with in a cohort setting.

Her role is to convey policy and procedure around long and short term circumstances affecting students’ studies.

The following questions were raised and discussed with Casey, Judith Mary-Church and Ian Malkin:

What exactly happens if I am granted special consideration?

Special consideration will give students access to supplementary exams or academic adjustments. The exact nature of the outcome depends on your circumstances. It may include priority timetabling or equipment to enable full participation in class.

Special consideration is not a means of getting a better grade. The purpose is to ameliorate the impact of particular adverse circumstances. Sometimes, University policy does not cover certain circumstances.

What should I do if i think I need special consideration? (ongoing or short term)

Step 1:

  • Go to the university's special consideration website.

  • Have a read and consider whether or not you may be eligible, and to formulate an idea of your issues .

  • Consider 4.107 of the University Special Consideration Policy which will be helpful in identifying reasons as to why you are eligible .

Step 2:

  • Make an appointment with Casey Holloway.

  • Noticeably this is now a lot easier under the new appointment system.

  • Alternatively send an email to Casey notifying her that you have applied for special consideration/intend to apply/ are thinking about applying.

  • Casey would like to know which MLS students have applied to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

  • She can also assist you in applying.

  • Casey can also explain the process.

  • It has been the experience of LLSN that doing this step will drastically reduce your stress about the matter.

Step 3

  • Depending on your circumstance you can apply online or wait for your appointment to seek assistance.

  • Please note the deadlines for applications.

  • You will need documentation of the matter affecting your studies.Try to get this asap.


  • You should expect an outcome in approximately 10 days.

Where should I go for an extension?

  • Extensions are available for a period of 1-10 days.

  • These are handled internally at MLS.

  • Make an appointment with Casey or send her an e-mail.


  • Usually 24 hours but it may take up to 3 days if Casey is away.

What if I am not granted special consideration?

  • Special consideration applications must be determined within the bounds of University policy.

  • Maintain contact with Casey as your circumstances may change or you may be able to gather more evidence in support of you case.

What else is the law school doing to support well-being?

  • The ‘MLS enrichment centre’ is now open. You will find the relevant staff there.

  • The centre is only accessible to MLS students.

  • The space is intended put wellbeing and student support at the forefront of our minds and make services more accessible.

  • Examples of services:

  • Programs for the development of self-management and resilience skills

  • A mindfulness clinic

  • Promotion of initiatives such as ‘R u ok day?

I have a grievance with the special consideration process, what should I do?

  • We encourage you to contact Judith Mary-Church or Casey Holoway.

  • It has been the experience of the LLSN that both staff members are receptive to feedback.

I hope this has been helpful

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